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Daniel Bronson from connect PC support


Dan now

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0208 144 3374

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to resolve any PC and Laptop problems and Remove Viruses, Spyware, and any Malware on your machine.


  • Full 30+ point Tune Up and Service of your PC or Laptop included in price!





PC and



  • Connect PC Support is a

cost effective, fast and reliable

method of fixing your PC issues, removing viruses, & resolving

annoying bugs, errors and pop ups..


  • You will be connected to Daniel Bronson, a Microsoft Certified Engineer with over 20 years' experience in supporting business and home users originally based in Market Harborough.


  • When you book an appointment or call, we can discuss your issue before any remote connection takes place, and you are in complete control of the connection and can end it at any time.
  • There is no obligation to pay before your issue is fixed and if it is not fixed then you pay nothing.


connectPCsupport PC and Laptop Repair Logo

Fix Computer Issues

Resolve all kinds of system issues and niggles with your PC or Laptop.


PC Tune up & MOT

Get your PC back to running like new - faster boot up times + more responsive system.


Virus Removal

Remove Virus and Malware infections and immunise for future protection.


Website Creation

We can create custom designed websites, Facebook Pages, Google Listings, SEO


Software Installation

We can source and install many different types of software for you.


Training and Tuition

Full Training can be given on general computer use to advanced Excel functions.



PC and Laptop Repair


  • PC and Laptop Repair and Computer Support
  • Connect PC Support can fix most computer errors remotely.
  • We can tune up your machine so it runs faster giving your computer a performance boost.
  • Webite creation and maintenance service available.
  • If you have any problems with spyware or viruses, we can remove them and supply you with a free AntiVirus program
  • For fixed prices, we can also offer 1 on 1 training and tuition
  • We can also install software for you such as Word/Excel etc


We want you to be completely satisfied and retain you as a customer for any other issues that may occur in the future.

No FIX No FEE. Competitive pricing. Great Service.


  • We speak on the phone and when instructed you click the Remote Connect link.


  • This starts a program (AnyDesk or TeamViewer) and you get an ID for a one time connection session.
  • You give us the ID and 'one time' password and we can start the Remote Connect Session.


  • We can then move you cursor, which you will see on the screen as if you are moving it.
  • You can end the Remote Support session at any time.


  • We will NOT be able to connect again unless you give permission and follow the process again.

Call us: 0208 144 3374

Freephone: 0800 410 1154